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Thanks for visiting BotoxFun.com, your home on the web for TLC Aesthetics, a division of TLC Medical Primary Care.   We are the only medical center in Tampa dedicated to you, open 7 days per week and you see a board certified medical doctor every single visit, not a plaque on a wall for a medical director. Dr. Charles Talakkottur, M.D. is the founder of TLC Aesthetics and has been featured on NBC, CBS, Univision, and Tampa Bay Times to name a few.  Providing everything from Botox to Stem cell therapy, TLC Aesthetics is clearly the leader in cosmetic innovation and artistry serving the entire Tampa Bay area.   This site is designed to offer up information about some of our services and help to answer any questions you might have about botox, laser i-Lipo, and a variety of other procedures designed to help you achieve the aesthetic look you’re going for.

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Pain Free Body Shaping
Non-Surgical • No Downtime
Immediate Results


Award-winning, FDA-cleared i-Lipo uses low level laser energy to painlessly stimulate the body into naturally shrinking targeted fat deposits. Get immediate results anywhere you want to shape your body, including the waist, thighs, legs, arms and even under the chin! Try the laser body shaping procedure everyone is talking about.

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Do you suffer from spider veins? Excess hair in all the wrong places? What about wrinkles or dark circles or bags under your eyes? Do you have cellulite or dark spots or patches on your face and body? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

We offer only the best services utilizing the best technologies to safely and effectively treat your problem areas. You can rest assured that you will be cared for in our hands and that whatever bothers you about your appearance will be addressed.

TLC Aesthetics is dedicated to providing the highest quality aesthetic care, including services like botox and laser ilipo for patients in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Dr. Talakkottur (pron. Tell-a-ka-tour) has years of experience and takes an interest in every single patient. Our practice has excellent ratings on sites like ZocDocHealth Grades ,Google+, and Vitals.


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Dr. Charles Talakkottur is an experienced provider of laser treatments for unwanted hair and other aesthetic medicine procedures.


“Beauty, artistry, and elegance, all start at the cellular level”

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